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Dietary Modification


We all know that our diet is an important component of our health but few of us realize how important. Simply by changing our diets, we can eliminate or drastically reduce disease symptoms. Unhealthy diets are implicated as the cause of many diseases including chronic infections, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, menstrual disorders, depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, and skin conditions. Specific diets can support a variety of illnesses and disease states.

Supplementation can also help with specific diseases. Most of us do not receive the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin and nutrients. Even healthy organic foods do not contain the amount of nutrients we need. We must also consider that the RDA is a minimum requirement. It is not the requirement necessary for vibrant health or to treat a disease state. Unfortunately, most vitamin formulas in the drugstores are ineffective. They either have forms of vitamins and nutrients that are not bioavailability (cannot be readily utilized by the body) or are crammed into one pill so that they will not be digested by your body and are eliminated.

I firmly believe that everyone should take a good quality multivitamin every day, along with fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids) as a minimum to help maintain their health. The vitamins can be in pill or liquid form. They can also be synthetic or come from whole foods. A naturopathic physician can recommend a good quality supplement regimen.

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