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Homeopathy is a treatment that uses minimal amounts of various substances (animal, plant, mineral) in order to eliminate disease. Unlike pharmaceutical treatments, homeopaths base their treatments on the particular symptoms of the case and simply based on the disease. For example, one person may come to the office with a cold. He may have a runny nose with clear liquid and a pounding headache that is worse with light. He may feel more quiet and reserved. Another person may have a cold from the same virus, but the cold may have come upon him quickly and he may feel hot, have a red face, and feel irritable. He may have the same virus but, need a different remedy because their symptoms are completely different.

Almost any condition treated by conventional medicine can be treated by homeopathy. Homeopathy is used in digestive complaints, colds, flu, pneumonia, asthma, sinusitis, joint and muscle pain, broken bones, mental and emotional disorders, cancer support, overall health and wellness, and almost any medical condition.

In order for homeopaths to treat you, they must take your case. Taking involves asking a series of questions.  For an acute condition, cases can often be taken in a few minutes, but chronic conditions usually require a full intake. This can take an hour or two and the practitioner will often have you complete a questionnaire beforehand. Questions in a homeopathic intake may seem strange (Are you afraid of thunderstorms?....Do you crave lemons, etc.) but, they are necessary in order to choose the correct remedy.

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