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At Tranquil Health Center, my focus is on providing solutions to address our patients emotional, mental and physical health needs.  I provide customized treatments for patients, because we are all unique individuals.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor using natural healing methods.

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Most illnesses are caused by an imbalance in one or more areas.  I look at seven areas of balance to pinpoint areas where we should focus:  They are:
1 Emotional – How do you feel emotionally?  Do you suffer from fatigue?  Are your neurotransmitters or hormones balanced?
2 Metabolic – Is your body absorbing food, processing it and eliminating wastes properly?  What is the condition of your liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs? Are you receiving the proper quantities of necessary nutrients?
3 Energetic – Do you have any energetic blockages? Could these be alleviated through homeopathy and/or oriental medicine?
4 Environmental – Are you absorbing chemicals or heavy metals that are impacting your health?
5 Immunological – How does your immune system respond? Is it underactive? Or Overactive? Are you eating foods or around substances that provoke allergic reactions? Do you have any hidden viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites?
6 Physical – What are the results of your physical exam? How often do you exercise? Do you sleep enough each night?
7 Dietary – What are you eating? How often do you eat? Are you eating foods that undermine your health?
When these areas are balanced, you look, feel and work at your best.  You have energy and are able to think clearly.  You are literally the best that you can be.

In health and success,


Dr. Linda Lambert, NMD
Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Director


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 As an American founded health center, we provide medical solutions and services to address patients' emotional, mental and physical health needs. As an advocate of Naturopathic ALS treatment, we specialize in applying natural healing methods and customized treatment for patients in regard to their health needs. We 'are' your personal physician.

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